Lifestyle: April Favorites

So we're a little behind on our favorites, and because of that we're pumping out our March and April favorites in May. We're getting on top of that, we're trying to have a schedule!

Dani: I've been really into the No7 Foundation, I recently picked up  No7 Perfect & Protect Foundation in Honey Beige. It melts on to my skin and gives me an almost flawless look. I loooooove ittttt~!
Shea: Right now, I'm really into playing with BB creams. I may have mentioned them before but I'am really into trying new ones (aka: ones that I got from Dani). I feel like they are easier to blend over a facial primer (I've been using No7 Matte) and go well with my powders I place as a finish.

Dani: I finally decided to open up the mascara that came with a X-mas gift my boy bought me. Lancome's Hypnose Drama Masacara. It makes my lashes more prominent and larger.

Shea: I picked up some new liner by NYX in a creamy white pencil. I love the texture and it's a really cool nontraditional color to see under someone's lids. :)

Dani: So my lipstick collection has exploded. Here are the colors I've been wearing: "I lacque you a lot" by L'Oreal, "Latino" by Rimmel, "Saga"by Chanel.

Shea: Been using POP! Beauty's lip cream in Fushia. I like the texture and color much better than I like the smell. It goes on well though and I love the applicator, too.


Dani: I've been really into hair care items, in a big haul that I did I mentioned two hair care products which were the Redken's Black Diamond hair oil and the Sexy Big Hair Leave in Soy Treatment. I'm really lazy when it comes to my hair and I also hate, loathe hair grease, it's just not healthy for the scalp. I have one oil for deep moisturizing and then a spray for when I'm on the go.
 Shea: OILS! I am really into trying to moisturize  and care for my body using natural oils. From the beauty store, I've gotten Vitamin E oil, Argon Oil, and, Tea Tree Oil, and Coco Butter Oil. Also, I've gotten Coconut Oil from Wal-Mart from the cooking section--but hey, it does it's magic!

  Some others? (I've  been semi-splurging) Clinique step 2 Clarifying  Lotion. Rimmel in Minticious and Caramel Cupcake, and Nicole in Routhless. It's been a semi-splurging couple of weeks.

What are some of your April favorites?

~ Dani & Shea <3