Danielle LeShea: March Favorites

Okay. Okay.

So I know we promised, but it seems that VLOG wont be happening for March Faves. Schedules between us (D&L) have just not been matching up very well. Therefore, a written post will have to do for now.


Dani: I've been really into my KATE Super Sharp Liner S I'm thinking that I'll have to purchase more of it soon. Also I've been slightly using more of my huge collection of eyeshadow, Costal Scent Go Makeup Palette Beijing is the one I've been using the most.

Shea: I have really been loving some of the more bronzier colors I have in my pallettes. I have been told that I look better (and probably less over the top) when I use more browns and shimmery naturals. Issue is, I LIKE my bold liners and shadows. What I really fell in love with was ULTA's Twisted Volume mascara and Rimmel's quad eye shadow in Smokey Blue.


Dani: I've been switching off between Rimmel London's Kate in the color of Rosetto & NYX's butter gloss in the color of Cherry Pie.

Shea: NYX lip butter has been my fav this past month. <3 Love how sweet it smells, the tint of berries it has, and the texture ot it.  I got mine in Sugar Cookie.


Dani: I'm loving my No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Deeply Beige paired with Revlon's Nearly Naked face powder.

Shea: I am playing around with my Mary Kay still, but I am venturing into more BB creams and correcting bases. So far...good things didn't come to me until April but I will share that later on.