LeShea : Finally, the haircut

Hey there all,

So I finally did it, I finally chopped my hair.

 I am not sure if you remember seeing before, but I mentioned chopped/pixie looks several months ago. My hair, though, was damaged, was broken, and it was just time to do it.  All my jitters aside, the new salon I went to (well, old but new to me) was cool enough to ease some of my fears. It was a two story old house on the east side of town with stained glass, shelves of products,  and chic photos all around mini chandeliers. Way cool.

Inspired by tumblr, Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, and Pinterest,  I had a good idea of the pixie or short style I wanted. Still, I wasn't all prepared to go this short. Sigh. But, I have some fans of mt new look it seems.  Yes, maybe this will help me adopt it as well.

Bathroom selfies...it happens.
Are you thinking of changing your style for summer at all?