Makeup: Blush + How to find your shade and apply it!

Image from: chicmuse
Over the past few years blushes have been a part of my makeup routine, honestly I can't remember how it entered my routine. If I had to guess I think it started around the time I was putting my foot into the Japanese fashion scene.

My current blush collection
Looking for a long lasting blush seeing as my previous blush didn't survive the convention that I attended, and I couldn't locate my other one.. On a trip to Ulta I picked up Cargo's Water Resistant blush.

Yes. Water resistant Blush.

Honestly I didn't even know it was water resistant until I read the directions and the title on the back of the box it came in. Also it came in this awesome tin case as well.

Having researched a lot of about blush I know what colors suit my skin type, my skin color is a little bit on the light side with mostly a caramel skin tone. So peach to raspberry are my go to colors, but for the readers around the world, the colors that suit me doesn't suit you so:

For Light/fair skin: You would want to look at almost nude colors to soft pinks and peach colors. Because your skin is light/fair bright colors will show more intensely.

For Caramel/Olive skin: This is kind of my skin tone, peach, light tangerine,  to raspberry colors will blend easily with the skin tone giving it that flush look.

For Dark skin: Even with dark skin picking a color is still a little difficult, because if you use a bright/light color you might look quite silly. So you would want to look for corals, fuchsias to even a light rose color.

Besides the colors you can actually use blush to flatter and contour your face to give it the type of shape or slim it down. You can really play your face up or down with blush. Here's a image guide for those are learn visually.

For more deats via the image above: Check out pupastyle there's not only the image but as well as a more detailed guide.

Wanna check out Cargo's Water Resistant Blush?: