Review: Urban Decay & Stila

HERE WE ARE! So, as you know, I've been ranting and raving about make-up products on my list. If I weren't already  obsessed with make up, I certainly am now. I swear, I ended up at both Sephora and ULTA in just one day--but I was on a mission. MAKE-UP MISSION! Out of all the things that I wanted, as I've said before, was the Urban Decay travel kit from ULTA's 21 Days of Beauty Event back in March. Again, I damn near broke my neck just to get there and get myself one--heck, I even called ahead so they could hold one for me. The deal was just too good (and you know I am all about deals.

First off, Urban Decay:

1.) 24/7 liner in Rockstar- I LOVE the color, some type of eggplant color, a deep purple. I didn't expect that but it goes on so smoothly with minimal smudges. The liner is so silky and goes on easily. Though it's normally about $20, I think it may be worth it to get at least one.

2.) Primer Potion- I think its a pretty good primer so I only use it for special occasions,  it is a rich creamy texture and holds well.  Though its good, I could stick with my NYX primer and be just fine.  It's nice to have but its not an exact must have.

3.) All Nighter Setting Spray- I've used this before I bought this set. It does add great moisture as a finisher if you accidentally have your make-up a little but too matte for your liking, which is when I use it. I also use it when I know I will be out late or going to a special event. I use it sparingly since the bottles are so small. 

Secondly, Stila

4.) HD Stay All Day Beauty Balms.

I mentioned these before, in a make-up review for a date night. I like the balms, but I cannot wear them alone as some women have claimed in doing. These are simply the secondary thing I would put on after a moisturizer or using my Clinique clarifying lotion. I use these sparingly and the first two in the package shown here look nice under my foundation. Are they worth it? At a lower price, possibly. Just one alone, in a slightly larger size, is about $29. I still have mixed feelings about this Stilla product.