LeShea: Shopping for the cute stuff

Wow, talk about cute stuff! And just when I said I was done shopping.
I can't seem to stay out of the malls! And it's not huge splurge just bit and pieces here and there but I know that stuff adds up. I really need to save since I will be leaving the country in about two months for quite a bit.

But I brought this upon myself, I'm aware.
But catch this!!! Chic hand bags by Zac Posen and Olivia +Joy.  Gee, oh,  gee how cute. I still need a refined and mature off white bag in my wardrobe.

Someday maybe.

Where did I find this? Well T.J. Maxx, of course. The affordable fashion capital of my shopping world. I always find great stuff there.


What about you? What's on your growing fashionista list?