LeShea: Recent Buys

So hey!

I had the worst most gorgeous Sunday today. Started off odd, and then yah know, tried to cope a little bit. I accidentally found a rummage sale today on the East Side of town because I saw this awesome bag as I was driving by. I really like what I saw--it was too cute and, get this, $5!

So because I never have cash on me, I had to run and get some for this bag and a few dresses that I found as well. All in all, though I had to run and spend money to get the goods (at Walgreens cash back on nail polish, haha), I only spent like $8 bucks. I will show some of the other items later on, but this bag is what got me to stop in the first place so I will "showcase" this now. :D

Take a look see:

Have you ever randomly found something that kinda made your day?  Happy Sunday!