Fashion: Ginza Fashion

During my time in Japan I really paid attention to the fashion of the women there, granted I saw a lot of children and high school students, but when I went to the bigger cities I definitely got a taste of the fashion sense. Because of that I want to focus on the fashion, specifically in Ginza, Japan.

 In a way you can compare Ginza to the nicer parts of New York city. Always fashionable, always put together, classic, chic, and of course down to business. That's my kind of fashion.

Here are some of the fashion trends that are in Ginza:
  1. Denim: Denim is a classic, it it also a statement piece and a closet staple. There are so many ways you can pair denim with other parts of your clothing. It can be a denim jacket paired with a cute brightly colored dress. Or you can have a denim dress with statement shoes or even accessories. Denim is versatile, but don't go over board with it too much denim is a fashion faux pas.

  2. New Balance Sneakers: Who can resist a cute pair of sneakers? Especially with all of the cute designs, and colors. Dress down or up with basic colored sneakers or use it as an accessory. Shoes can be accessories.
  3. Spring/Summer colors & Smokey Pastels
  4. Pencil skirts + Fluffy flared skirts:  The plus side to these skirts is the ability to hide your waistline, which is prime for those worried about their waists. Because pencil skirts are form fitting and shows off everything, don't do it! It won't be flattering to your body if you don't have the proper equipment to pull it off (aka lingerie, hosiery, support wear etc).
  5. Trench Coats: Standard beige is the most popular and versatile item to have in your closet. While both in Japan and the United States I've seen an increase in different colors of the trench coats, but really the neutral, beige, camel colors are the most popular. Getting a beige or even a camel colored trench coat is a staple when it comes to spring and late fall, super versatile.

"Trend" is a new series that will be featured on D& L explaining fashion, trends, etc in Japan. We hope you enjoy and send feedback with your thoughts and such!

- D&L