Beauty: Oil Blotting?

You know that feeling when you happen to wipe your hand across your face and you're left with oil on your fingertips? Yeah we know that feeling, it's kinda gross and a sign of a looming army of pimples.But there's a way to help with that without having to wash your face every hour.
No one is wants an oily face--especially not after you spent time with your facial regimen and/or putting on makeup.
How do you stop it?
Well there's not a way to completely stop your face from being oily, your skin/hair follicles naturally produces oil to keep your hair and skin somewhat waterproof. Your face becomes oily when the follicle becomes full with sebum and then spread across the skin giving it that wonderful shiny gross oily feel.

What can you do? Well there are two things you can do:
  1. Wash your hair
  2. Wash your face
Can't do either? Here's where the oil blotting comes in. Oil blotting is when you're on the go, at work, class or don't have time in general to wash your face and reapply your makeup (You have time for that?). It starts with a thin piece of absorbent paper that you just press on to the oily parts of your skin and it pulls the oil off.

Less oily, and a happy face.

Dani's Oil Blotting Sheets

Shea's Oil Blotting Sheets

Here are a few perks of oil blotting:
  • Shine? What shine?
  • Super convenient 
  • Super Portable

Observations of blotting:
  • The oil could soak right through the paper
  • 10-30 sheets in a pack
This is definitely a recommended item for all purses and keeps people from seeing their reflections on your face. Blotting sheets are even more perfect for the summer months as well. They can be purchased from any drugstore(Walgreens, CVS), department stores( Nordstroms, Macy's, Boston Store) and beauty stores (etc. ULTA, Sephora).

More Information:

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