LeShea: Exciting News!!

Super great news, all!

So, if it hasn't been mentioned 'round these parts already, I am leaving for Japan in one month! Though it will be my third time, I will be gone for much longer than ever before. Nervous? Yes. Excited? It's up and down. Over-thinking and stuff? You'd better believe it.

However, I, LeShea, am mentioning this for a very specific reason: I will be up close and personal with wonderful Japanese fashion! Dani has done a few Japanese inspired postings and I plan to do so as well. I actually have some Japanese clothes in my wardrobe already but I certainly plan to post some looks that I find there as well as a few of my own. And, beginning to invest a little in Japanese cosmetics is also something I plan to share here on Danielle LeShea. Let's just hope I get some free time in the Tokyo area hotspots such as Shibuya and Harajuku...but I will be pretty busy getting ready for my new job it sounds like...

Stay tuned, and possibly check out some side postings I plan to do about my year abroad and the program I'm in!  (SanKai Japan)

~LeShea <3