Fashion inspirations: Kardashian Sisters

Haven't done an FI in awhile,  huh?

Well, I've become another onlooker. I didn't want to be that girl, but I have become obsessed with the Kardashian style just like so many others.  As much as I tried to resist the bandwagon, I gotta admit, they have got some fierce style.

Right now,  I'm really looking at Kendall, Kylie, and Kim. They each have an awesome sense of style that goes from chic, trendy, and sexy.   Kendall, little Jenner turned run way model, has been popping up a lot and looking great. She sports a lot of midriff tops and high waisted bottoms--a trend I wish I had the courage to pull off myself for a fashionable outfit.

 Kylie does a lot of studded,  embellished,  and somewhat edgy outfits.  If her hair wasn't a strong enough indication, ombre blue sorta like Demi Lavato pulled off,  her style makes her stand out from her sisters.

 And Kim, good old Kim.  She appears to be the favorite and most raved about Kardashian,  which I think is a little outrageous, but she really is a saucy woman. Her style is sexy, trend setting, and elegant. If anything , I need to incorporate a little bit from  each of thesw ladies for and awesome overall "wow" type of style.

So tou have a fave look at a Jenner or Kardashian has rocked? Any other fashion forward celebs?