Review: Kracie Prostyle Morning Reset Water

KRACIE ICHIKAMI  Chamomile Morning Reset Water 300ml
After I decided on adding more shape to my hair I decided to go on a mini splurge of Japanese beauty products seen here (Super Mini Haul). I wasn't actually looking for Japanese hair care items seeing how my hair is completely different make up I went for something that could be used for all hair ( I would like to assume) so I picked up Kracie Prostyle Morning Reset Water.

Product Details:

"Kraice Chamomile Morning Reset Water is a spray type water with added 5 Amino Acid Treatment (Alanine, Glycine, Proline, Arginine, and Glutamin Acid) for repairing damaged hair from roots to tips. UV cut ingredients to protect hair from UV-ray and cuticle coat to protect hair from dryer or any heat to keep your hair strong and beautiful. Natural plants water (Plum Juice) fixes messy hair in the morning quickly. Your hair will be more smoother and soft with continued use." (

Danielle's Review:

Product Name: Kracie Ichikami Chamomile Morning Reset Water
Type: Japanese Beauty (Possibly Drugstore)
Scent: Chamomile
Price: $9.70 + tax
Results: My hair smells nice?
Overview: I was kinda optimist when it comes to products that are mists like because my hair instantly poofs. Unfortunately my hair still does poofs and I usually have to flat iron my hair a few times. But the Morning Reset Water is a styling mist with moisturizing & repair aspects, it does have a spray gun on it but I spray it into my hand and then massage it into my hair and then flat iron my hair (for the 3rd time). I do like this product

Recommended: Probably, but there's products in the US that you can buy that is similar to this.