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Helloooooo out there.

I hope it's nice and sunny where you are as well. Summer is around the corner now.

Once again, I have been trying and failing to stay out of the stores.  Oops. Well, I don't buy as many clothes as I used to so that is a start. However,  there are several summer-y dresses, skirts, and blouses that I am looking at with great want. There are also some very unique pieces that have caught my eye. Take a look:

Awesomeness at Kohl's.  Go check it out!
Right now, Kohl's has a lot of great pieces by J. Lo, Vera Wang (mainly her Princess Collection,  believe it or not),  and Lauren Conrad of course.  Here, I took a look at Apt.  9's pieces and I was chic-inspired. The top 3 are great tops are on sale for $12.99--certainly not bad at all for great prints and lady liie details. The bottom right, a great Lauren Conrad piece, is not quite on sale yet if you wanted to snag a deal but greatly worth checking out. I think it is somewhere in the ball park of $38.  Also...

Take a look at what Kohl's now carries!!
Ulta has a lot of really cool hair tools, by the way (you know that I had to put that in there, an Ulta plug). I've been on the hunt for new styling tools for my new look at I found this cool styler $20. Funny thing is, I ended up with another one anyone for even less. :P 
Finally, with the exception of the photo on the left,  Kohl's now: products like Pur and Lorac!! There were more luxury brands but I won't ruin anything for you. 

Consider this a beauty heads up!