Beauty Mini Haul: Recent Finds

There have been sooo many good sales going on lately, gee wiz. I know that I haven't posted too many Weekly Deals for quite sometime now but, hey, I haven't forgotten to share the sales and deals with you entirely,  have I? :) Don't worry, I will continue to share as much as I can--labled Weekly Finds or not. You'll read of my excitement(s).
The past two weeks in terms of deals have been good to me,  and though I'm always money conscious, been sorta good to my wallet too. Where have I been going and what have I found? Well, I'll show ya:

Professional 15 Concealer Camouflage Make Up Palette:

It finally came from Amazon finally came this past week--t seemed to take forever! I was running out of my usual Nyx concealer and wanted more since it has become a part of my beauty regime now. I saw this for cheap, about $5.00 and I wanted to at least try it, The reviews were mixed but I'll be giving my own review in days to come. (I'll have this in my suitcase for Japan for sure!)

Zeagoo waterproof Lip Gloss (in Velvet Matte Red):

A Korean product (I think) also from Amazon. The color is striking but after awhile, it tends to flake and sort of seperate a little so I have to fix and reapply. I'll show this one later on. 

Victoria Secret Pro Tinted Moisturizer-Primer (in Deep):

A really good base for me to use when I need mositure and a base for my foundation. It's really subtle and silky.

Victoria's Secret Pro Magic FX Holographic Lip Shimmer (in Prismatic Lilac):

You will see me rave about this once again in our June Favorites post--but only because I was so happy to have found it and I love it!

NYX  cream lipsticks (in Rea and Circe) and Dewey Finish setting spray:
Two lip goodies found at Ulta and my desired setting spray mentioned a bit ago.

Have you found any goodies lately? I still have more to share!