Book(s) Completed #1

With my busy schedule I finally finished a book and now I feel like I'm on a roll with finishing books, granted I only finished one, but still!

On my quest to be more fashionable, and lady like with an iron fist in an silk glove. I invested in a few self improvement books along with a few fashion books. I picked up the book "Women, Work & The art of Savoir Faire" by Mirelle Guiliano. 

Guliano is well known for her book called "French Women Don't Get Fat", which I didn't pick up or have interest in for that matter. However I did read a few pages to get a feel for her writing. I actually suggest doing that for any book that you purchase so you can get a feel for how the author writes.

For my first and random pick for a self/business improvement book I enjoyed it. From her own experiences, stories about coworkers or people she met on her travels or through business meetings gave the book life instead of having it dry and boring. Although I felt that there was a lot of her more than the tips/advice/etc. The book has 12 chapters and within those chapters are subsections , ranging from creating a brand for yourself, networking, fashion for business meetings/interviews, communications and more.

The beginning of the book was more so about her experiences leading up to where she is today, the CEO of a very well known French champagne, Veuve Clicquot. Although there was a lot about her (which could have been less) the advice I was looking for was buried within her experiences. After reading here are some of the important points to take away:

Points to take away from W.W.A.S.F

  1. Creating a brand for yourself is very important to stand out in the work place and when looking for a job/career.
  2. Your image has to represent your brand  as well. Translation: The way you dress does matter.
  3. Take note, most people define people's success by what they wear, have and how they brag.
  4. Passion vs. Talent. What do you love? What are you good at? Choose one or combine both.
  5. Set attainable goals.
  6. "Don't let fear be a barrier to achieving your ambitions or seizing opportunities." - Mirelle
  7. Communication is VERY important, and is different for everyone. Practice.
  8. 80/20 percent rule: Grow a thick skin expect and do not focus on the 20 percent of noise your will encounter. Don't invest psychic or physical energy on things you cannot control; focus on the positive.
  9. Find a mentor!
  10. Don't be afraid to take risks.
  11. Work harder, and smarter than everyone to succeed and be respected.
  12. Timing is everything!
  13. Live a balanced life: "You can't have it all, at least not at the same time" - Mirelle
  14. Cultivate your professional image.
If you're looking a starter book to help you hone what you are looking for in a self-improvement/gaining a business sense this would be a good one to start with.



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