Make Up: Makeup removers

Dani here! As mentioned in the skincare tag post I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking off my make up, though it may sound terrible here are some of the make up removers we turn to when we're taking off our make up.

Here's a quick run through of different make up removers that LeShea and I use daily or have used.

Makeup removing wipesOne of the best inventions when it comes to removing make up. With a few wipes and maybe a little gentle scrubbing all the make up comes off  on the wipe--super easy and very convenient. Each wipes have exfoliating bumps or ridges on the back of the sheet or smooth on both sides.

Dani: Makeup removing wipes is my all time favorite type of makeup remover due to the fact that it's a simple process of just wiping.

  • It's one of the easiest ways to remove makeup
  • Various kinds that do more than remove make up ( such as brightening, toning etc.)
  • Can be used again ( I mean there's two sides of it)
 Dani's No7 Beautiful Skin Quick thinking wipes
  • Possibility of make up being smeared on your face.
  • 25-30 wipes in a package.
  • Some light scrubbing needed to remove all traces of makeup.

Liquid Makeup removers- Another awesome invention. While in Japan I discovered that one awesome liquid makeup remover and deemed it the best makeup remover ever. Of course there are other liquid make up removers that are just as awesome but have yet to be discovered. Same deal with a few wipes and maybe a little gentle scrubbing it all comes off.

Dani: Liquids are also becoming one of my favorites. With one wipe you're wiping the makeup off and lowering the chance of make up being smeared across your face and breakouts.
Dani's Bifesta Moist Cleaning Lotion & Chanel Lait Confort

  • Added benefits (Brightening, toning, acne prevention, etc.)
  • Removes everything including waterproof makeup.
  • Can remove the rinse part of facial care routine.

  • Can be drying.
  • Slightly hard to find

Oils-Oils are a natural makeup remover, usually with the best organic benefits. I haven't dived too deeply into the oils, but I do know that they do wonders for your skin.

  • Natural & several other benefits
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Can be found everywhere
  • Very effective
  • Can be used for multiple things (i.e. cleaning brushes)
  • Oily residue
  • Somewhat messier
  • Slightly expensive

Just to name a few:
Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Coconut Oil

The cool part about oils is that you can find them at your local grocery store or organic food store.  For better quality (in terms of creams, liquids, etc.) makeup removers you can start at your local department store and move to the internet (seriously you can find everything on the interwebs).

What type of removers do you use? Something we haven't tried before, or don't see something that should be on here? Let us know!