Friends of Danielle LeShea: Sarah T.

This teal haired-vintage loving-Japanese-speaking gal shows her spunk and class through her clothing.
Tell us about yourself!
Hey! I'm Sarah Thomas. I was born and raised in Milwaukee WI. I am trying to finish a journalism degree at UW-Milwaukee. I am also working on a minor in Japanese. Something cool about my educational background, I was home schooled from kindergarten until 8th grade. I guess it has shaped my personality in some ways. I love to read and I have always been better at writing than math or science. I have a huge family of ten siblings. Of all of those kids I have two sisters and eight brothers. I got into video games young because that was the only way they would let me play with them! 
I love tattoos, art, and coffee. I love Asian culture and learning about other cultures in general.   
What does fashion mean to you?
 Fashion has been my saving grace in terms of how I express myself. Growing up with a ton of brothers, it was natural that I would most dress casually mostly and was not into clothes at first. My sister would beg me to wear girlier things and of course I rebelled. As I got older and finally began going to an actual school, I quickly learned that I could express myself by what I was wearing. I got more interested in fashion in terms of expression and art. I found my favorite designers and I would draw inspiration from them and from street style style blogs. I especially loved Japan and other large metropolitan area street blogs.

How you describe your city's fashion?
Hmmm, Milwaukee's style has different layers to it. In some instances, urban wear is popular and in other areas, vintage mixed with modern pieces are more popular. I would say overall, Milwaukee's style is a mix of eclectic and urban.

 How do you describe your fashion?
Currently, I wear of mix of girl and retro pieces. I like peter-pan collared anything and vintage prints. I like to contrast this with boyish pieces such as oxfords or lots of black. In the summer, I stick to mostly bohemian looks like flowy scarves or lightweight harem pants.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet?
These blue striped overalls are my babies. The white dress was an awesome purchase.

Accessories? Yay or Nay?
Tiny jewelry  has a place in my heart. I also love bigger pieces like this cool cuff I found at a salvation army. I usually wear just one large statement pieces or layer lots of little things.

Favorite Fashion & Beauty Stores/websites
At the risk of sounding cliche, I would have to say thrift stores. I usually have limited money for new clothes so finding cheap things at goodwill usually help. I also love ebay for cheap shoes! Some other websites I like: > Semi Affordable vintage clothes > horrendously cheap shoes
forever 21 & Urban outfitters when I have money!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Lately I've been inspired by old 50's-60's Motown group. I like the classic looks and the wide skirts. In addition, I like or

 Prints? Yay or Nay?
Prints are awesome! I love a delicate floral print or any other small print such as tiny tea cup, cats etc. I am also a fan of animal prints but I tend to use them as a neutral such as a small belt, shoe, etc. You also can't go wrong with stripes. I avoid stripes on pants or dresses unless they are small because of my wider lower body.

Latest Fashion Purchase?
These shorts! Not sure what shirt to wear them with yet. On Super sale from Urban Outfitters.

What is the most expensive item in your closet?
These boots! I got them for $80 and they have lasted for 8 years and counting!
Clothes or Shoes? Choose!!
My boyfriend is constantly amazed (and a little frightened) of my growing shoe collection. But I would have to say clothes!

Must have items for Spring and Summer?
Dresses, Dresses, and more Dresses. The flow-ier the better! I used to be not a huge fan of them but they make getting dressed hassle free.

  Go to outfit on a casual day?
 Some kind of dress layered with something and some comfy shoes.
Has your style changed within the last three years?
I gone from gothy to grunge to vintage retro loving. The pictures are embarrassing and mostly on facebook haha!