LeShea: Happy Things

Hello hello!

LeShea is back again! I have been trying to find as much internet as I possibly can until I get my own in my very small Japanese accommodation. Even if it is to sit in a cafe in some awesome electronics store next to a kid with literally three Nintendo DS(s) connected to a monstrous laptop. (He was nice, though!) Also, I really want to be able to blog and connect with Dani as much as possible.

With that said, I've been reading a lot of up one of our favorite bloggers Shirley Eniang--gorsh, I love her and her style. She is just so awesome and she really knows how to dress. Like her, I have a lot of black and white clothes of which I once felt I had too much of, but that just means you have more to work with since everything in your wardrobe just goes together automatically! She also took quite a few photos of her travels and of the things that make her happy. Shirley recently did a life purge, and I feel like I should kinda see what that is about. In her purging, she took some snaps of things that make her happy or gave her some sort of pleasure in her day.

For a moment, and maybe a few more from this moment, I am going to mimic that. Here are some things that make me happy!

My newly purchased cross-body bag from Honey's (980JPY/$10).

I miss being able to wear some of these things...
Right now, it's about the small things--trying to take joy in the things that you enjoy since you never know what is going to happen between today and tomorrow. 

Talk to you real soon!

LeShea <3