Japan: Japanese Beauty/Wish List

Hello again from Japan! LeShea here!<3

Japanese beauty products have always been a great fav of Dani and myself. I usually poke around on Yesstyle.com--a great site that has Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc. beauty products, fashion, and accessories so I highly recommend it. But now, I am much  more closer to these things more so now than ever before.

Although I have not purchased any beauty items yet, I've definitely been scoping out things that I would like to buy, try, and review. Beauty items from Kate, Princess, Shiseido, Lavshuea, and so on are all on my list. 
Of course, I have also been browsing through the fashion mags here to get some ideas of how to change my beauty look and sort of mimic Japanese make-up techniques (they always look so flawless and sweet). So here is my list of beauty items that are on my list for me to try soon (after all my program fees are eliminated) and share with you!:

1.) Kate Spider Line Liquid Eyeliner
2.) Kate White Defining Mascara
3.) Lavshuea eyeshadow quads
4.) Lavshuea Angelic Syrups in Sweet Lollipop, Sweet Vacances, and Fairy Wood

That is all for now! (Until I can get better internet time, resources, and read through my J-Mags to find the goodies! Don't fret, I am on the prowl...)


P.S. There's some eye candy just below! Can you imagine how overwhelmed with the possibilities I am?! xoxo