Monthly Detox July

A friend of mine, Olivia (check her out via: Friends of D & L)  , decided to repost something she found on Facebook and asked her friends to join in. In simple explanation, name two things and I'll avoid them for a month. I decided to do it with her and so in turn I turned into a monthly detox thing. I plan and taking things out of my diet for a month to really determine it's effects on my mind, body and diet.

This month happened to be Coffee & Chocolate.

Now I used to think of myself of not being a big coffee drinker, but that's a lie I freaking love coffee and I was planning on buying a green french press and a matching coffee grinder.

Whatever I like green.

Also not to mention I can walk to Starbucks that's just a few blocks away from my apartment and I've fallen in love with iced Americanos sprinkled with vanilla and iced coffee with almond milk and cinnamon...

Or picking up trail mix for breakfast only realizing that there is chocolate in it or a cookie brownie, 3 Musketeers, Carmello...ugh

It hasn't been too difficult, but I did have to slip on both of them.

Chocolate Trail mix: I was super hungry and it was the closest thing to me, so I ate it out of anger. Leave me alone.
Golden Brownie: Once again I was super hungry at the mall and didn't realize until I paid for it that it had M&Ms in it.
Caramel Coffee: This was given to me by a coworker because I expressed interest in it. It was caramel iced coffee that helped improve your focus and memory. Since I'm all about that I was really itching to try it. Although she just happened to give it to me the first week of the challenge. I cried when I tried it at work, I sipped it gingerly and in return is spilled in my work bag.

Now what's the deal about detoxing?

It's good for your mind, body, and over all health. Through detoxing you can get rid of all the pollutants and toxins from life. That can be a dead weight friend who keeps bringing you down, or an unhealthy habit of eating overly processed foods.
 By eliminating or decreasing the intake will benefit you in more ways than one such as having more energy, a sharper mind, or a weight lifted off your shoulders, less stress!

Some examples:

  • Meditation is a good way to detox your mind daily.
  • Going through your FB friends and deleting those who you don't jive with  or people you don't talk to.
  • Decreasing/Eliminating foods that you know are overly processed (ahem Red Bull for me...)
  • Exercising releases stress on your body and it gives you time to sort your mind out too (of course!)
Of course there's other ways of detoxing, and everyone's is slightly different from one another.

Danielle's Favorite Example:
How To Detox Your Life (VLOG by Shirley Eniang) She is one of my favorite Vloggers that offers beauty, life, and fashion tips. Of course I have more favorites, but I really connected with this video. Go a head and have a look see!