Fashion: Shopping in Japan


LeShea here! So sorry for my absence--I have been traveling on every mode of transportation this world has to offer since leaving my hometown to Japan. From Chicago planes, trains, and buses to Tokyo planes, trains, and buses and so on...needless to say, I am exhausted and have just reobtained access to the internet. Thank God it's Saturday (Japan time).

Anywhoo! Of course I've been shopping since I am back in the land of everything cute, small, and compact. I've had to dish out a few thousands of Yen/Dollars just to be here and get settled in, but I have done a little shopping here as well. I cannot wait to share my new items with you! I found a lot of things that I will obtain later on, but moderation is sooooo key right now. (I still a broke chick 7 months outta college, you know...) So it was a good thing I already knew where to go for cheap and cute things-- UNIQLO and Shimamura.

Here is what I bought:

Pleated Rose Skirt (UNIQLO, 1,990 JPY/~$20)

Ivory Oversized Tote (Shimamura, 1,990 JPY/~$20) and Dotted POM Accessory (Daiso 108 JPY, so like, $1!)

Slip-On Floral Shoes (Shimamura, 1,480 JPY/ $15)

*Note that I am missing about two things since I wore them already and they are now laundry. Sorry!

Here are some things that I found that I'd also like to go back for! Can't wait, but responsibilities come first!!! See below...

Envelope convertable clutches (Shimamura, 580 JPY/ $5.65 and about 780 JPY/$7.60), so cheap!

Simple necklaces (Shimamura, 980 JPY/$950)

Awesome comfy lookin' pants (Shimamura, 1,490 JPY/$14.50)

Bascially, they're SOFT PANTS! <3
And trust me, I am not done yet--just for now. :P I will eventually get to Shibuya 109 and more...