Danielle LeShea: Upcoming Posts & Recent Coordinate!

You know...

I have not done a Weekly Deal in a LONG time, and for that I am sorry. Now that I have more internet access, especially recently (THANK THE HEAVENS), I hope to get back on that. Along with deal-finds (which will be mostly web-based), I have quite a few planned posts that I am working on. Just please bare with me, kay? I really wanna fly off with more posts from here on out such as personal make-up techniques and routines, Japanese finds, crafts/DIY's, and highlights on the thrown together outfits I have going on recently.

Speaking of which:
Fave outfit of the week--so easy, so comfy. Oh, Yes! <3
Gotta say that I felt like a cool chick today--teased hair, matching eye-shadow, my favorite booties, and an easy button up with comfy black pants. Oh, how I just love my grays and silvers when I decide to skip color for the day.
Button-up: Rue-21, Pants: Plato's Closet ($10), Anne Kline Watch: Gift (Price Unknown), Shoes: Fergalicious ($35).

Honestly, this outfit was inspired by a post Dani and I have coming up soon, which is all about the basics! We'll will show how we both rock our basics, cover how both guys and gals can do it, and share how easily it can be done! So, stay tuned, yah?


P.S.: There will most likely be many, many small-Japanese-apartment-shots in front of my closet with random filters. You have been warned. :0)