Danielle: Book(s) completed #2

Second book completed!

Being inspired by a friend and also a bunch of purchases from Chanel, and the previous book I became interested in the French women's mystic and their fashion sense. While roaming the aisles of Barnes and Nobles I picked up Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset.

If you didn't know I'm always trying develop my fashion sense, and style as an woman and as an individual. I've been drawn to several different styles and I seem to always bounce between a few of them, in terms of fashion sense I mean as a mentality my favorite is those of French women.

They have mystique, sex appeal and just seem really graceful and feminine in general.

The style of Paris Street Style was divided into to different topics such as "Making cheap look classy", " Power of accessories" etc. and in each of the topics there were images of french women with fashion pieces pertaining to the topic. They had their own styles and sometimes even wore their own clothing, some of the women featured in the book were fashion designers which was a score! Getting fashion advice from French designers!

Not only were the topics great but the detailed interviews from other well-known fashion designers was a definite plus as well as the photos taken. The photos were amazing through out the book there were several pages that were just images, big colorful images. Images to use for fashion inspiration...


Paris Street Style is good read for those who are looking for some insight on the French fashion, French women or even for some fashion inspiration. A little interested?

Points to take away from P.S.F
  1. Cheap shoes are unforgivable!
  2. Mix, Accessorize and customize!
  3. Never's
    1. UGG Boots, Moon Boots, Converses after 26, quilted jackets, black tegan pants, jogging clothes, cropped t-shirts, baseball caps, comic strip shirts, under pants with motifs, long down coats, ties with something droll in it, velvet hair grips, plastic hair grips
  4. The importance of a beautiful bag
  5. The importance of a LBD ( Little black dress)
  6. BCBG - Bon Chic Bon Genre: Good Style Good Attitude
  7. What to wear
    1. V necks, pearl necklaces, navy blue blazers, barbour jacket, American Moccasins, ruffled silk shirts, liberty shirts
  8. Definition of a French Woman:
    1. Self Sufficuent
    2. Immediately brings her personality to the forefront
    3. Dresses classically but there is always a twist
    4. Is conscious of her own attractiveness
    5. Depends more on her charm
  9. Advice to Women from Alexandre Vauthier
    1. Be inquisitive
    2. Be demanding about the quality of your clothing
  10. There's a type of denim for everyday
    1. Monday: Super skinny jeans
    2. Tuesday: Flared Jeans
    3. Wednesday: Boy's Jeans
    4. Thursday: White Jeans
    5. Friday: Denim Shirt
    6. Sunday: Denim Jacket. 

You can purchase it here:
Barnes & Nobles