Monthly Detox: August

Continuing on with my monthly detoxes this month I will take out Fizzy Drinks, aka Carbonated drinks. So Buh-bye Red Bull, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper.

I'm crying already.

It wasn't as bad as I thought to be honest.

I've grown up around fizzy drinks and obviously drank them, but then it changed into some type of coping mechanic for me. I use Red Bull to deal with my stress at work and because I like the taste. I didn't really care for the additional aspects of it: it helps your metabolism, helps you focus (ok I cared about that one) etc etc.

Knowing the amounts of sugar of course startled me, but being stubborn I continued to drink it. (I do what I want )

Through the entire month I just had to take one sip because of a coworker bought me a soda. I took one sip and not a sip more. (Super proud of mahself!)

Here are the results:

  • A few headaches, one migraine.
  • No change in energy.
  • Swift mood changes.
  • Borderline Depression.
  • Cravings for Red Bull and Dr. Pepper
  • Soda has been replaced with Coffee...
So during my month of no fizzy drinks I noticed that I have been drinking a lot more coffee than usual, it's apparent to me that I was replacing soda with Coffee which isn't too bad of thing since my coffee drinks mostly consist of coffee, splashes of soy, brown sugar, cinnamon/vanilla. But I've been doing it so much that I actually haven't been drinking the most important drink, Water. Water is already hard for me to drink, sometimes I have days where I guzzle it down, other days I drink everything else except for water. Weird...yeah I know so I started putting lemon juice to make it more appeal and found flavored water.

Not the aquafina crap...I'm talking about flavor water that uses herbs. Mint, Lavender, Lemongrass thing ever!

 Anyway on this detox I noticed as few things about myself and I'm not too sure that I liked what I found out, but I guess we all have to deal, you know. I'm not caffeine dependent, it was how I felt by not having the caffeine. I just felt lighter and more 'bubbly' without it...


But I would like to remind everyone reading this to listen to what your body is telling you! You have one body so make sure you take care of it!