Haul: Japanese Haul from Sapporo

Oh joy! 
I finally got to go back to Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido, on Monday's Holiday this week. Thank goodness! It was seriously needed. Being in this small town has seriously been a downer (as I mentioned before) and really making me think worse than normal. But retail therapy really did it's work that day. I wanted to celebrate Fashion Week in my own way since I have been almost completely out of the loop and only seeing bits and pieces that Shirley Eniang, Beautycrush, kastor & pollux, and Kendall Jenner have been posting on Instagram. Being an Assistant Teacher this week has been very trying.

From new Korean beauty products and H&M steals, this is what I found. Take a look <3:

SO many good finds. From H&M sale items to 300yen accessories!
I was overjoyed from the station's beauty collection, Loft's hair care stock, and the make-up stock at Donkey-Hottei! SO many things to choose from and all in fair prices! 
Happy facials! I see more wine, chocolate, blogging, and girl time in my future! <3
I went shopping with a handful of wonderful ladies and they were sorta-kinda waiting around for me. I got too excited and didn't know how or where to stop! Laundry list of my goods:


Mustard Yellow One Piece: 1000JPY, $9.18
Sky Blue Skater Dress: 300JPY!!!, $2.75
Black Jeggings (not shown): 500JPY, $4.59
Gray Skinny Fit Pant w/ exposed zipper: About 680JPY, $6.25
Red Chiffon-Lace Top: 300JPY!, $2.75


Jojoba Oil: About 180JPY/ea., $1.60!
Station Beauty Store (Name I forget...)

Estude House Super Collegan Trial Mini Skin-care set: 300JPY, $2.80
Estude House Liquid Eyeliner in brown: Price forgotten, but it was low! <3
Estude House Every Month Skin Care Pack: ABout 500JPY, $4.59
Estude House Facial Mask Pack: FREE WITH PURCHASES!

Donkey Hottei (Yes, that is what it's called...)

Panna face powder in Beige: About 200 yen, $1.80  


Gold Brass Statement Necklace: 300JPY, $2.75
Sky Blue & Gold Studs: 300JPY, $2.75
Triangle and stud Ear Cuff: 300JPY, $2.75

I miss shopping so, so, so much. Can you tell?
Review, updates, and Fashion Week Faves coming soon!