Danielle LeShea: 8 Rules Fashion editors live by via Glamour

A fashion look from October 2014 

This originally came from two places 1) A glamour Magazine 2) A cosmopolitan magazine. I'm thinking more of the Glamour than Cosmo.

On a side note, does it seem like Glamour is losing it's appeal? I know that the previous editor moved from Glamour and went to Cosmo, so now it seems like Cosmo has what Glamour used to have and that Glamour is what Cosmo used to be...


These rules are posted on my wall next to my closet to remind me of what I can wear or how to pair it. Instead of taking 15 minutes on thinking about what to wear I go by these rules to help put me on the right track.

"What should I wear?" - Ancient Words of every girl (at least five times in her life)

  • Go Big: Go for an eye grabbing accessory and let it take center stage by pairing it with understated/basic items.
  • Think like a stylist: Figure out what look is most you and what feels right. Make it your signature look!
  • Finish it off: Example? Cinch your waist with a belt, add a silky print scarf, add a eye catching broach or pin.
  • Blend in, just a little: Have one piece of your clothes pick up on a color in a pattern.
  • Get tough: Pair something edgy with something feminine. My favorite is some metal on pastels.
  • Love thy arm candy: A statement bag will instantly take whatever you're wearing to the level. I usually have my bags as my accessory, less things to get tangled or caught on something.
  • Be Shady: Combine different colors and shades, pastels and brights (not neon brights!)
  • Mix basic and blingy: Bust out the basics in your clothes and pair it with huge statement necklaces or let your clothes do the talking and do basic bling.
* Check out bigger pictures by following the polyvore link underneath the photo!

What type of fashion rules do you live by?