Korean Beauty Product Review: Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen Cleanser

Hello, hello!

A little while back, I ventured to Sapporo here in Japan and had shopping field day. H&M pieces and many new facial products in tow, I came back extremely happy. I picked up some Korean beauty products by Etude House. Though I have seen their products on yesstyle.com, I've never owned any 'til now--and I hear it is good good stuff! Here is a small review out of the many items I purchased!

Product Details (Etude.com): "Keep Your Skin Happy All Day With Rich Foam Cleansing."

Allure: "Moisturizing cleansing foam uses Collagen and rich lather to remove oil and residues for smooth , soft sensation"

Formula : Formulated with 40% polyol ( Glycerin, Sorbitol, PEG- 32). Content to keep skin feeling moist and soft.With humectant properties ,polyol moisturizes without irritation.

Collagen: main structural protein in the dermis. Tropical collagen is able to moisturize and hydrate by holding many times its own weight in water.

LeShea’s Review

Product Name: Happy Essential Cleansing Foam

Type: Korean Beauty (Drugstore/Mall)

Consistency/Color: Silky and white.

Price: 350 yen (roughly $3). Price may vary on your vendor.

Results: Leaves skin soft and silky--isn't drying.

Overview: I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It was so very very silky, easy to use, and refreshing. I use this a light wash in the morning or to remove the excess make-up that my usual cleanser missed. It also smells really nice and is in a nice, squeezable tube. All in all, I love it.

Recommended: I highly recommend this facial wash. "Happy" is right--it feels oh, so good and makes me happy when I use it! Anyone looking for a light refreshing, and silky wash should give this one a try if you can seek it out. There is a website you can browse around on as well--there are English, Japanese, and Filipino versions other than the Korean site itself just about everyone has a shot at this cute brand!