Japan: LeShea's Tokyo Stories Pt. 1

I was happy girl...
 Hello, hello! LeShea here!

As mentioned, I finally made my way back to Tokyo for the first time in two years. And let me tell you, it was a blast!

Take a look at some of my sights and some of the things I picked up! :)

I did make it back to Shibuya 109 as well, however, it was not as I pictured. I was actually disappointed in this trip, My venture there two years ago went much much better since I was able to find so much. This time, though, everything was either too expensive or very childish looking. I ended up buying on-sale tops, pants, and accessories from H&M and Forever 21. I really wish that things had gone better for shopping, but hey, I still have time.

It really does look glorious, but maybe for the summer time--the last time I stomped around in there.
Other than my shopping bust, I still got to see so many chic and stylish Japanese ladies in their best Tokyo swag. I was jelly an felt underdressed most of the time. They were just so stylish! Take a look!
Aren't their outfits super cute?! Love the wedges and sock/tight combination with adorable skirts!
But my shopping wasn't a complete loss, here are some of the things that I picked up (including the pink shirt I am wearing above). All on sale, all super cute and that can go with anything. And kitty tights! :D 
Awesome color combo, gold and teal! My fave!

I got these cute kitty tights from Shibuya 109--the only kiddy thing I'll buy!
Well, that is all for my short recap on the fashion and some of the eye catchers I saw during my trip! But, but for the full story on my trip (if you are interested), check out Sankai Japan but don't forget about D&L! We've got several drafts lined up and we are mettcha (very) excited! Stay tuned!