PFTD: Post for the Day!

Original image: Mr. Lee, edited for Danielle LeShea
Remember those Posts of the Day? Realize how long it has been since we've done one of those? Sorry about that. Instead, I just got a really really cheezy idea--Post for the Day--aka: POFTD (pronounced "Poofed!"). Cute, right? OK, it's cheezy too but that is what how I can be!

So what is the post of the day and how is different from the POTD?
Well, not much has changed accept for the initial intended frequency of the pending post. The previous type was meant to be about everyday, but now, these POFTD posts shall be rather frequent (maybe about 4 times a week) rather than everyday.

So to start...The first POFTD:

Japanese Second-Hand Retail Shops! Gosh, I love them so. And just in time for sweater weather and the cold seasons! I fell in love instantly with the goodies i came across here, just look at all my options!

Can you see my dilemma here? (There will be posts to come soon, on my finds and maybe even things that I plan to go back for...)