Sunday: Updates

Dainelle here,

It feels like it's been a while since I've had a day off on Sunday or in general no less, but I wanted to give everyone an update on what's going on with LeShea and I. I know there's been a shortage of posts and a mad rush to attempt to get back on track with posting and what nots.

We most definitely apologize for the lack of posts! I am back on track with posting, and I'm sure that LeShea will soon get herself back on track (you know with being 14hrs ahead & dealing with teaching)

With that said here are somethings that I am working on/changed:
  1. A new design for Danielle LeShea is coming up.
  2. Disqus has been added to make commenting easier and responses quicker. 
  3. Adding tags to all of the posts, so that things are easier to find
  4. Danielle LeShea has a polyvore! It's still an infant so make sure to check us out from time to time:
  5. Our blog sale page has new items and will continue to have new things, we also have paypal & google wallet!
  6. There will be a vlog coming up soon.
I also intend on having more Sunday updates to keep everyone posted with what's going on between LeShea and I.

Until next Sunday