PTFD: Post for the Day 2!


I have to give the Post of For the Day to Tokyo--since I was just there, I have to give it all the attention. So feast your eyes on these sites. 

Shopping around Tokyo Stations
I never get sick of the Tokyo shopping areas. I've really missed them and I missed getting lost in the shops and the nooks and crannies of the area. This was marvelous at night and I had to take a shot. Isn't it cool with it's hustle and bustle?

Tokyo Tower 
I have never seen this beauty in the light of early dawn before last week. It was right on my way out of the city to the airport and it was amazing. Breathtaking. Marvelous. Don't you think so? 

I love, love Tokyo. Boy, oh, boy. <3 Highly recommend you heading out this way someday if and when you should get the chance.