Makeup: Shop MEME Box

On one of my many blog reading days Danielle LeShea's muse/inspiration did a review on products received from a Korean beauty website.

Instant attention grabber for me.

Of course I checked it out and fell deeply in love with it. Have you heard of MEME Box? One of the best Asian beauty/cosmetics sites I've discovered.

What is MeMe box? It's mainly Korean beauty products that are picked from the best of the best along with having non subscription beauty boxes. I haven't purchased one of their boxes before, because they can sell out pretty quickly and sometimes they can be pretty pricy.

The price of beauty! Ahem.

 Interested in checking out some of their products?? I suggest signing up for a free account. Why? you get 3 MeMe points which equals up to about $3 USD and the newsletter alone let's you know of the sales and free shipping products.

Free Shipping is life.

I'll make it easy for ya here's the link to sign up for a free account!

Here's a sneak look at what I got...
What is it?
Stay tuned!