LeShea: Under Construction: 2015 Style

For the last 6 months, I've been aiming to pull off some short-asymmetrical hair styles, but I am ready for a change now. I am on the verge of 24 (wow!) and it's almost 2015 in less than a month! Each of those sound like strange things to me at this point--ha!

Well, to ring in the new year and my new age, I am really itchin' for a mini (or maybe even daring if I can) make over. New style, new hair (main desire), and a new take on nail decor. Take a look at some of the styles I am itchin' for.

Hair (first and foremost)
I am hair crazy right now and have been on Pinterest more than usual in order to find someone that will suit my mini makeover. For the first time in a long time, I going back and forth in the length and style I want. So many options!
I've always been a sucker for long locks...

Coming from short hair, this seems more sensible for me.
And if I wanted to stay short and asymm-ed.
Unique, curly, and sexy sounds good, too though.

Make-Up & Nails 
Since my style is limited here, I really want to get crazy, fun, a little sexy with my make-up. Pinterest and Kylie Jenner have been catching my eye in this department and I am really going to new a new stock of eye and lip liners, mascaras, and sexy shadows to pull off some of these looks.

For work, I have to stick to a light palette.
Year or lip-experiments, inspired by Kylie Jenner (latest fashion crush).
Artfully done make-up.
This is just one of the things that I am aiming for when it comes to style. Because of my location, job, and the weather, I cannot get too stylish or too fancy here. Bummer. So, I really want to go for versatile items that I can use interchangeably and comfortably. That is going to be the goal for quite some time, actually. So infinity scarves, thick sweaters, and cute boots it is!

<3 <3 <3