Danielle LeShea: Goals for 2015

Photo: Jeff Sheldon
A new year means goal setting and achieving those goals right? LeShea and I put our heads together to come up with goals + plans for Danielle LeShea.

We both know that our blog is still a little baby and will definitely take more time for it to grow, and we won't give up either! We are both learning the ins and outs about blogging, more so Dani (she's taking up coding and HTML!)

Here's what we got going on:
  • Introducing more friends of D&L: We love our friends why not share them with the rest of the world?
  • More Fashion Inspiration Posts: we have tons of cute clothes, may it be work clothes or casual clothes we plan on more coordinate posts!
  • Reviews on fashion lines, trends, and designers: Who doesn't like designers and trends, albeit some good trends or bad, we will try to give you goods on designers and upcoming trends!
  • Closet Must Haves: From Casual to work. We'll give you the basics and items you must have in your closet!
  • Words and tips from Fashion Experts & our two cents!
Enjoy, see you soon, and Happy New Year! <3