LeShea: Mascara Favs

Right now, I am totally in love with Mascara, well, more than I usually am. Still experimenting with colors like red, teal, and green, I also have a strong passion for good old jet black. Look at my faves, new finds, and wants! (Yes, I am still ULTA-biased.)

Avon BIG Deal and ULTA Brand  Legendary Lengths

Avon's Big Deal mascara really took me by surprise with it's awesome wand. It's nice and thick, the consistency of the product is awesome, and it makes my lashes super fanned out--I LOVE IT. I tried IPSY ony one time and this came in the little bag right when I declared that I wanted new mascara. It it was a great surprise.

I am always biased with ULTA mascaras and eyeliners, and this is no exception. The wand of this mascara is really funky, rigid, and wavy. It is actually really good for reaching bottom lashes, something that I've been wanting for a long time. I use this in combination with my Avon and other ULTA brand mascaras when I want to reach the innermost lashes. But speaking of bottom lashes...

Twice as Nice

This mascara was a nice little find at ULTA, brand-spanking new when I got home for the holidays. Thick on one side, thinner on the other. Goal? To get upper and lower lashes with just one tool. I love the deal but other mascaras seem to do this a litte more dramatically than this one itself does. Nevertheless, if I want a subtle and toned down, this is a nice little tool to have. :D

My Longest-running Faves

I've had these ones before and I use them sparingly or rush to get a new one because of what these two bad boys do to my lashes. I love how they fan out and dramatize my lashes, almost to the point where people ask me if I wear false lashes because of how long my lashes get with these two mascaras and that shocks even me. In conclusion, every girl should have something like this two twisties in their make-up collections! :D

Here are some ones I have yet to get my hands on!

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
They're REAL! Benefit Cosmetics

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