Review:Sty!e Pie Macaroon Handwarmer

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During my daily look see on I came across this cute little item.

Of course I bought it.


A cute Macron shaped-hand warmer-usb charger. I'm all for multi-functional-cute-and-portable items, and this is it!

First Function: USB battery charger.

 I need one of these because I have a habit of not charging my phone before going to bed or work. This little item has attachments allows me to be on the go. There's a small pin hole that will let you know that it is charging your device and it will let you know if it needs to be charged.

Second Function: Handwarmer

Recently it's been quite cold in Wisconsin, and my glove aren't quite cutting it, especially when you're sitting in an ice box car waiting for it to warm up. There's two ways to start the heating process 1.) Actually turn it on, the Macaron will continue to be warm/hot until you turn it off 2.) Blow into the little hole to keep the Macaron warm for five minutes.


Inside the box is a small bag to protect the Macaron from being scratched, also different USB cables for the type of phone that you have. Seeing how I have a android phone I would of course use the one that's for and android. There is an apple USB it's duel wielding.

Price:$45-ish I purchased it while it was on sale + gold membership discount, about $35-ish dollars.

Recommended: If you would like to have something cutely shaped, yes. I've done my research and there are less expensive options via amazon, but not everything purchased from Amazon is what is seems...