SOTW #12: Beyoncé - 7/11

LeShea here.

Ever since I heard this song remixed by Steve Aoki on his Ministry of Sound Radio broadcast, I've been obsessed with it. The remix was already cool, but I found the original via Youtube. Beyonce's 7/11 has been my anthem of the week. Though I've been in quite the funk, I've just been putting this on and bobbin' my head at my desk at work. Have you heard it yet?

Artist: Beyonce
Song: 7/11

Ain't it catchy?! If the song wasn't already fun, the video makes you wanna do almost every single silly thing they are doing on the video--dancing on boxer briefs and high socks, playin' with random things around the's like one gigantic sleepover with all your girls!

I wonder what Beyonce's motivation was to make this video was--and All Natural, no less! Gotta love that.