Top 10 posts of Danielle LeShea

It's a new year! Happy new years!!
Let's take a look back at some of Danielle LeShea's top posts!

 During Danielle's trip from Japan she picked up Etude House Collagen moistful facial mist. Believe it or not she still has it. Apparently she's using it sparingly.

Another item Danielle picked up at the Incheon Airport. It's skin Aqua Serum, one of the best serums per Danielle.

One of Danielle's favorite beauty products from Chanel.

LeShea's need for Chocolate and eyeliner pairs well together

Here are the spoils Danielle picked while in Japan.

Full of natural colored eyeshadow and a foundation palette that works for all skin tones.

During a summer vacation, aka when Danielle returned from London, here's one of her favorite items she picked up.

Check out Dani & Shea's June 2014 favorites!

The month that Shea parted to Japan and the day Dani splurged on lipstick.