NYFW Essentials

NYFW Essentials

NYFW Essentials by lesheadanielle 

Ah, yes, Fashion Week. It's that time of year once again. 

Someday, maybe Dani and Shea will be able to go and drool over the work of the designers, but for now, we can only dream...

So, if we were able to go, we would each bring an awesome looking satchel--first and foremost. Why does one need such a big bag? Well, to stash any possible and grabbable swag in it of course! (As well as our own items!) Other than fashion grab items, we each have a romantic color of lipstick and matching eyeshadow pallets in case we need touch ups or make up checks. With all the models and celebs prancing around the place, it would be nice to freshen up a little ourselves in order to blend in nicely, you know? :) Accessories included. 

Most importantly, though, we'd need our cell phones to snap pics, Instagram, and share our Fashion Week loves and obsessions. A notebook, too, will help us quickly jot down notes and must haves. With all that we would see, we would have to have a few reminders written down.

But oh, how we wish we could go!