Review: Langine Trial kit

Photo credits: Laneige

Another item picked up from, but as a gift for purchasing a beauty product.

First off Laneige is an up and coming skincare brand, that is based in South Korea but has various branches around the world, i.e. Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. A few fellow bloggers that I followed gave high reviews of the brand and me being me (Dani) did some research.

In short, here are a some main points about Laneige:

-Laneige is all about using nutrient rich water that comes from the Himalayan Mountains. Pure ingredients!
-Laneige's main focus is hydrating, protecting, revitalization using three key ingredients: Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc.
- Their most popular item is their BB Cushion. (As seen below)
Now this isn't a full research of the company, I just took some information to introduce you to the brand. If you are interested in Laneige do some side research! I will be sure to do a full length research post once I purchase an actual product of Laneige.

Here is my mini trial kit~

Told you it's super Mini!
Danielle's Review:
Product Name: Laneige three piece moisturizing trial kit
Price: $12-ish via
Type: Korean High Brand
Textures: From Serum like to creamy.
Results: Plump, smooth skin

Overview: Of course adding moisture to your skin will definitely plump it up. I saw the most difference in the morning after using the night treatment. I would wake up and my skin would still be nice and plump with moisture. I mainly used the Perfect renew night treatment and the Perfect renew cream, not so much of the Perfect renew essence. Either way I love products that adds moisture to my skin, I mean who really wants dry skin?? I loved how the products worked on my skin so I actually bought a five piece travel/trial kit.
Although, one thing I have to mention is the price of the actual product. For one bottle it's $40 bucks, each.

The price of skin care is real.  May it be through products or food.

Recommended: The trial kit, yes. 

Trial kits are actually the best way to decide if you like something or not.