Sunday: Update #7

If a once in a life time opportunity presented itself to you would you take it? Would you leave everything behind to propel yourself to a future that you wanted?

I have done this a few times. Maybe too many?

I've researched many opportunities pertaining to my major and my passion for the Japanese language and culture. But I've declined or let things pass because of my current lifestyle.

It hurts, but we move on, right? Better opportunities, right?

How do you cope with the feeling of missed opportunities? Maybe you think, 'I should have taken them'? What if my future would have come to light? Unfortunately there's no way to know until you go for it right?

LeShea and I are completely different when it comes to situations like this.

LeShea: Carefully plans out everything.
Danielle: Impromptu, free flow-er

It's kinda funny how much we butt heads because of it!

  • Danielle has weekends off and a puppy to take care of.
  • Daily, LeShea is experiencing the weird in's and out's of Hokkaido
  • Is it spring yet? Mercedes Benz Fashion week starts Feb. 11!
  • Danielle has caught the travel bug!
  • LeShea's birthday is coming up soon~!