Fashion: Quality over Quantity

Kyungduk Kim – Clothing Girl
No doubt about it; LeShea and I love clothes.
It's like our life force and we need them to keep from going crazy and being naked, you know.


Recently I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning of my closet. I've been noticing where I purchased my clothes from and noticing the quality of them.

Some places and I had a good run, but now it's time to get serious about clothes and the lasting ability of them.

Let's have a chat.

After reading a few Parisian fashion related books, which (btw) I am obsessed with Parisian fashion and style, I began to pay attention to the quality of the clothes I already had. I also realized how irritated I would get when something ripped/torn (ahem, Charlotte Russe I'm looking at you!)

Yes, it's cheap.
Yes, it's trendy.
Yes, it's "fashionable"
Is it worth it though?

But is it worth spending the money when you know you're gonna have to buy another pair of leggings, tee, etc. two months later? Don't forget to add in the money, gas, time, and sale price items you pick up.

Let's be real. Spend the extra money and buy something that's gonna last. Now don't get me wrong there are some places that have cheap clothes and decent quality clothing, those are golden.

One thing you should look for in your clothing that will last you a good while is the type of fabric the shirt, skirt, coat, etc/ is made out of. That is the most important aspect! Granted, majority of our clothing made in China, but that gives you more reason to check out the material.

Dani's tip #1: Touch whatever you are eyeing. How does it feel? Thin? Thick? Flimsy?

Dani's tip #2: Look at the tag. What is it made out of? Polyester? Wool? Cotton? Does it look cheap?

Dani's tip #3: Ok so you like it, imagine four outfits you can create with this item. One work outfit, one casual, business casual, formal-ish. If it's a graphic tee it's completely understandable if you can only come up with three.

Below I've come up with a list of places that you should avoid, that are decent, and places that are golden. Note that some places appear twice, that is due to the place having good materials/good quality things and sometimes having crappy things.

Places to avoid:
Wet Seal
Charlotte Russe (Kinda iffy)
Sheinside (Kinda iffy about this one too)

Decent places:
Boston Store ( Kinda iffy about this one, you really have to check the quality)
Macys ( Same deal here, check the quality before purchasing )
American Eagle
Nordstrom Rack
T.J. Maxx

Golden places:
Miss Selfridges
Bebe (if you're willing to give your wallet to them)
J. Crew
New York & Company
Banana Republic

What are your thoughts on this list? Any additions or some that should be in different categories?