Beauty: To get a Facial or Not? Ulta's Facials!

On a trip to return something to Ulta, I got distracted and ended up shopping and getting a facial. Once again I was looking for something to quench the thirst of my face, no matter how much moisturizer I used my face still had dry patches. And here's where getting mini facials is good for you.

** Not a sponsored post, it's my own opinion. **
 As I explained my issue with my skin to one of the beauticians she suggested talking to her coworker (who happened to be near by), and he suggested to get a facial to get rid of the dry skin and to revitalize the cells with a chemical scrub.

Um, yes, please. I am not new to facials. I love them hands down.

This super awesome guy, Enrique, began to explain the benefits of getting facials:

Cleansing: Of course facials cleanse your face, removing all of the nasty remnants of makeup, oil, toxins that sink into your pores. Facials will remove that from your skin to promote healthy skin.

Increased Circulation: As Enrique finished the facial procedure he asked how my face felt and the only way I could describe it was that it felt "really moist". He laughed and explained that the chemical scrub took off dead layers of skin and my face is full of oxygen. Removing the dead layers allowed more oxygen to seep into my skin giving me a healthy plump look.

Relaxing: As Enrique was massaging the creams on to my face, I felt instantly relaxed. Not only was he using a warm steam and warm towels on my face, but there were also aromatic oils in the creams and oils. I think it was lemongrass, or something lemon, that he used. Paired with the massaging, the warm steam and towels, and oils, the increased blood flow helped my mind and body relax.

Anti-Aging: Um, hello, cell turnovers. Which means that the scrubs used on your face helps remove the dead skin cells that are just chilling out on your face. Yes, you can use a weekly scrub, but the scrubs that are used while getting a facial are more potent and sinks deeper into your pores to remove all the nasty stuff.

Back to Anti-aging.

After the scrubs and treatment, it helps your skin produce collagen to give your skin a healthy plump glow. Seriously after my facial I wanted to just put my hands all over my face, but that would defeat the purpose of the facial. ( Hands have a crap ton of germs on them of course.)

Face after facial.
Now the real question is should you get a facial? I say yes to help your skin turn over cells. Now facials are not expensive and it doesn't have to be an on-going thing. That is completely up to you, I have already signed up for my next facial which is a month away. But do know the more you go, the more you will see a change in your skin?

My facial at Ulta cost me $25 and whatever else I purchased that day. That's inexpensive compared to the facial I previously got!

Have you ever tried a facial?? Did you like it? Tell me about it, I would like to hear!