Lifestyle: Danielle's Travel Tips

Danielle's travel tips

Honestly I love traveling, especially solo. It's liberating and of course exciting!

Traveling by plane, car, train, boat (???!!) I love it. I wish I could do it more.

Because I have traveling on my mind here are some tips I go by when traveling.

Carry on should have the bare necessities.  

With my carry-on I always bring my tech (my Mac, Zune, cell phone, headphones, etc.) those are a given. I also try to have some type of reading material with me via an actual book or my Nook. Let's face it we all know that the airport charges an insane amount for the smallest things, bring a book or your e-reader to avoid the costs. Also within my carry on I have my passport and an other form of id and ticket ready to pull out if needed. But note that your carry on should be as light as it can possibly be.
I made the mistake of having a heavy carry on with three suitcases...

Dress comfortable.

I like dressing up, my friends know that, so when I travel I am dressed to make an impression when I arrive at my destination. That doesn't mean I wear heels, ok sometimes. Now I'm not suggesting you dress to the teeth, dress what makes you comfortable.
If you wanna wear leggings with a tunic with sneaks, Do it.
If you wanna wear a dress and heels, do it.
If you wanna wear lounging clothes, do it.

Just know if you're traveling internationally you will be in this outfit/coordinate for 7+ hours.

Health first.

When traveling on a long international flight or even domestic...the amount of germs on a plane is sickening, like really.

So much that I want to gag.

Load up on vitamin c supplements, ginger/green/lemon tea, and the airborne supplements. You want to have your immune system in the best shape it can be before going on the plane. Another thing I suggest is having anti-bacterial wipes with you so you can wipe your hands before sitting down and going to the bathroom.

Don't forget the hand sanitizer!!


Photo credits: Yesstyle; also I purchased this set before flying out.
I saw a lady spraying her face with some type of moisturizing mist before boarding a plane. I was confused but instantly understood what she was doing.

And I'm hooked.

So much that I've been following that step through out winter and daily. Spray moisturizers are my thing. I love them and they are so easy to use and to store. On flights you are about 39,000 feet in the sky and the air is drying, you can treat yourself with a deep moisturizing mask the night before the flight or a pre-moisturizing before the flight.

Buy a travel size evian facial mist at your local make up supplier (i.e. Ulta, Sephora, Walgreens)

Detox and Energize on the go.

Ginger, green, and lemon tea. Usually Green tea is a go to when I want to continue to boost my metabolism after doing Yoga, but recently I've been drinking a cup a day. Lemon is my next favorite. Ahem.

P.S.A: Tea is so much better for than sweetened drinks. Tea on a list (my list) of what's good for you is second to water.

Ginger, Green and Lemon teas are best for detoxing (if you make sure you don't add sugar) and also adding extra vitamins and boosting your immune system. Especially before you jump on to that plane.

Download the Airline's App (if they have one)
This was sooo convenient, and stress-less. Check to see if the airline you are flying with has an app, it'll help you check in, tell you where your seat is, flight details, etc, etc. I'm all about doing things seamlessly and having an app that can help do that, I'm all over it,

Take pictures and make copies of flight itineraries, hotel room details aka Information that is important when you arrive (just in case you lose it).
Now I haven't had a situation of this happening to me, but I would probably die if I lost anything. So have at least three back up plans. Take a picture, have a copy, and of course the actual hardcopy.