SOTW #17: Go With It

"Go With It" by awesome DJ and semi-songstress Tokimonsta has really placed me in a very relaxed mood lately. In the search for a more relaxing mood from all of my own thoughts, I'd been looking for songs and artists that I know will calm me down. So because I was introduced to this artist before, I decided to go with her.

She's an Korean artist who I really do not think has gotten enough cred for how awesome her music is. Because Dani and I both love her, I'm sure her music has been mentioned here before. However, check her out and see which calming yet toe-tappin' beats you like soon. For now, check out my current fave, "Go With It" ft. MNDR. 

Catchy, ain't it? So when you're in a bad mood or having issues dealing with something, put this song for a bit. Put it on repeat if you have to. :P
Just enjoy.