Sunday: Update #9

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"You don't hate Mondays, you hate your job,"
But does this apply to having to annoyingly brave the cold of Wisconsin?

There comes a few points in life where you are no longer satisfied with your job or the people you work with. Do you persevere in hopes of things with improve or for the latter, the paycheck at the end of the week? Recently I've seen job experiences start out well, and down go downhill...and kinda fast. It's a little worrying, but keeping my head up I persevere.

LeShea and I are in a job funk!

  • NYFW & LFW week are over! It's kinda a blur!
  • Paris Fashion week is starting soon ( I can't wait!)
  • LeShea is still sick??
  • House of Cards? Walking Dead anyone??
  • Pintrest!! Check out our pintrest pages below!
  • I want to see grass already minus the single digit temperature.