Sunday: Updates #10

Photo credits: Oliver B + via Unsplash

Recently LeShea and I have achieved part of our long time dreams, working/living/being in Japan. As I laid on my futon (which is completely different than our American futon) I thought about what's next and my emotions.

How am I supposed to feel?
What do I do now?
How am I supposed to prepare for the next part?
Is there a next part?

With all of these unanswered questions floating around in my head I realized the first part was accepting that we are in Japan (LeShea has been here longer) and that this is/was the stepping stone for our futures that we are both working towards.

In addition to that we both achieved something that we wanted since learning Japanese in Middle School (Dani), High School (Shea). With this step we have both have started to prepare ourselves so when we return to the states we will be (hopefully) on our way to our future.


Not sure.

We'll let you know with updates.

  • The clever fox has left the building, Dani & Shea are in Japan!!
  • Video games, Danielle is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse!
  • There might be a lack of posts due to the both of us working.
  • We haven't forgotten about NYFW, LFW, or PFW, but Shibuya and Seoul Fashion week?!!