Current Japanese Trends: Spring

On the topic of Japanese Fashion mags, of which I've been picking up a lot recently, there are a lot of really cute trends for Spring that I wish I could do myself. The Monotone trend, the Pastel trend, and the Innocent Girl trend. They are all so cute and super feminine and I cannot do them for a bit--until the several feet of snow melts and it warms up. Until I can make my own coordinates, let's look at some snaps at some of my fave spring looks in these adorable mags!

Monotone Trend
I love love this trend! I think it is super cute and really simple. Come spring, I am trying some of these looks. Preppy, fun, and really cute!

Pastel Trend
I like this, too, on a sweet Spring day. Some of these are a little kodomo-poi (childish) for me but, I like the color schemes more than anything.

Innocent Girl Trend
I was surprised that this was a thing but I kinda like it. I would probably wear something like this on a sweet day date with my fiance when I get back home. It's like a good medium of nice and sweet and lightly chic for a nice put together look. Coffee date or a spring stroll anyone?

Chic Otonna Trend
It wasn't really classified in the magazine as a specific trend, but I really like some of the looks I saw. Knee high boots, big flappy hats, beanie hats, and interesting mixups have always been weaknesses of mine. I even like how they mix girly and tomboy styles together--reminds me a lot of Dani and I.

 Since I've recently bought two more mags, be prepared to see more of adorable looks and new spring beauty points. Since the sun is shining more and the smell in the air is fresher, I am ready to amp up my femininity and beauty game!