FI: Jeannie Mai

Mai, oh, Mai do I love Jeannie Mai!

She has got to be one of my biggest celeb girl crushes ever. I've loved her since she first took over How Do I Look years ago. Still developing my own style, I always looked at her hair and style in awe. And to be honest, Jeannie Mai has never looked better!

Following her on Instagram, it's really hard to miss how awesome her style is. She proudly boasts style, her hubbi, her Bible passages, and even her weave online. Man, I love this woman. :)
Here are some of my fave looks taken from her Instagram...

I just love how she can go from flirty and chic, to drop dead gorgeous-show-stoppin'-beauty! If I ever had the chance to meet her someday...oh, boy.

What do you think of her style? It's hard not to like, I think, but I may be biased by my on-going girl crush...