Sunday: Updates #11

Hello, LeShea here!

For a little change of pace, I am writing the Sunday Updates for this week. (By the way, Happy Easter! ^_^)

After a much needed video chat between Dani and I, we realized that there are many things we let slip from our grasps on this lovely blog of ours...So we made quite a few conclusions on what we had planned for the sake of D&L and those of you who have remained our readers!

Here is what we plan:
  • Bring back Fashion Inspirations (FI's).
  • Revive Polyvore Fashion posts.
  • Feature more Friends of D&L (granted they get back to us). 
  • Feature more fashion tips and ideas from experts. 
  • Bring back displaying our fave brands and current products we love. 
  • Reveal our wants and future grabs. 
So from Dani and I, thank you for your patience then, now, and in the future. It is very much so appreciated.  Currently, we are both in Japan (as Dani mentioned) but are in different areas. But, if all goes right, we will be able to meet up and do more D&L stuff together!
 See you Soon, DL'ers!